About Us

We teach and coach talented teams and organizations to realize their full potential as effective leaders. We leverage a network of instructors and coaches who share our core values.

Who We Are

  • Family First: We put our families first. We believe in operating at a sustainable pace indefinitely.

  • Community: We support important causes through pro bono and direct contribution of time and resources, as well as contributing proceeds to charitable causes.

  • Teamwork: We are building a self-sustaining culture that doesn’t rely on anyone individual.

  • Psychological Safety:  We believe in creating a safe environment in our training, team coaching, and in our own company.

Our Team

Anil Jaising - Certified Scrum Trainer & Certified Trainer for Training From The Back OF The Room

Anil is a passionate Certified Scrum Trainer CST® whose focus is to design and deliver an immersive experience in both in-person and virtual training. Anil is a certified Training from the BACK of the Room trainer and is part of the design team that developed the virtual edition of TBR. His training focuses on learners being able to discover and learn by doing instead of boring lectures or use of slides.

Anil collaborates with several clients on creating experiential training for several topics under the Agile umbrella as well as on technical topics like DevOps and Cloud Adoption. His focus has been on developing and inspiring teams, peers and leadership alike, truly believing that everyone has a spark in them that can be energized and developed into a passion.


Kriti Jaising - Certified Trainer for Training from the Back oF The Room, Certified Scrum Master

Educator, Corporate Trainer, Marketing professional, and

Entrepreneur. I believe that the only moment is 'NOW'. My training & workshops apply the mindfulness, awareness, and cognitive neuroscience techniques to engage learners bring joy while learning, get 100% attention, and improved retention



Valerio Zanini-Agile Product innovation - Certified Scrum Trainer, SPC

I'm an Agile & Product consultant and trainer. I have taught Agile, Scrum, Product Innovation, and SAFe classes for several years in both private and public settings, and have helped several Fortune 100 organizations with their Agile, Product, and SAFe implementations.
Over a 20+ year career, I have led product and technology teams across a spectrum of industries, with the unifying themes of empowering and mentoring those I work with and creating products that customers love. As an Agile & Product trainer and coach, I excel at helping teams spark product innovation, especially in the spaces where the teams are struggling to deliver the right product or where uncertainty and lack of a clear solution are the biggest challenges. My passion is for creating digital experiences that customers love and supporting the teams that make the magic real.

Linda Fung -Certified Trainer for Training From The Back Of The Room, ACSM, CSPO

An accomplished IT Professional with an open mindset to embrace and adapt to changes. Highly collaborative with the ability to learn fast and solve problems independently. An aspiring trainer who is passionate about teaching and making learning fun and engaging! 

Mohan Chugh - Director Concepts & Beyond, CSM 

A multifaceted professional with over 20 years of experience in the field of global marketing, merchandising, supply chain, and managing training & liaising business in India, & Overseas.