Assess current in-person and virtual training.  Co-design and help develop and improve client training materials and enhance with facilitation guides and other materials using design techniques from Training from the BACK of the Room, Liberating Structures, Bikablo, Metaphors, and story telling. Work closely with clients to review and incorporate feedback. Help trainers with facilitation and further customization of training to suit audience and workshop styles  

Training Design

Agile Adoption

Our consulting practices focus on NimblebyDesign™ framework created in collaboration with experts in the industry. 

Key patterns include 

  • Leadership coaching/development

  • Product ownership

  • Team Development

  • Engineering practices including DevOps and Cloud adoption

  • Building great scrummasters

NimblebyDesign™ framework

Leadership Coaching & Development

Establish a set of business outcomes and coaching organizations to achieve results

Cloud Adoption

Assist strategic technical organizational objectives in adopting pubic cloud

Product Innovation

Facilitate product garages sparking innovation, creation of vision, roadmap, use story mapping and release plans

Developing great scrummasters

Mentor Scrummasters to uphold scrum values and experiment using empirical process control to help their teams

Team Development

Train, Mentor and Coach Scrum teams to optimize performance and continuously improve

Engineering practices & DevOps

Optimizing development and deployment lifecycle through technical training & coaching