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Dot Voting - A Democratic Facilitation Tool

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

A beautiful example of democracy. Dot Voting a simple yet a very powerful tool in a trainer's tool bag.

Simple because you just show your choice by putting a color dot sticker on your preference.

Powerful because dot voting has science behind it. Trainers print or write learning outcomes on a worksheet or posters or chart paper. Learners read them, analyze them, weigh them, prioritize them and then put the colored dots on the outcomes most important to them.

Trainers are using a psychological technique called 'Priming' - without conscious guidance letting the learners assess and decide what is important to them. Also getting their brains ready for what they are about to learn in the classroom.

Trainers gets a sense of 'What learners are expecting' thus managing, matching expectations by customizing and delivering the content based on the 'Learning Outcomes'

How do you use Dot Voting in your trainings? Do share.

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