• Kriti Chugh


Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Signals is defined as a hand, body motion or a choral response, used by learners to answer a question or demonstrate their understanding of a concept.

Training from the BACK of the Room uses tools and techniques based on the cognitive and brain science principles. A balance is maintained at all times. Teaching concepts in ways that learners are totally & completely 'present' without sacrificing time or information.

Checking for understanding is a must whenever we are teaching, sharing or presenting. A simple thumbs up or down or yes or no can become mundane and boring. Adding kinesthetic element, different unusual sounds, musical instruments bring novelty. By now we all know Different Trumps Same.

Signals also help learners to think what they have heard and cross check if they interpreted correctly, repeating the information thus shifting it to long term memory path.

What is your favorite signal to check your learners understanding of important material?

Please share.

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