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Testimonials for CSM Virtual Edition, & Training From The BACK of the Room

B. S Karthik, Software Project Manager, Robert Bosch


"Very brain-friendly session, a great platform to collaborate with worldwide participants" 

Volker Matz, Managing Director, Matz Management Consulting Ltd

"Anil is an outstanding trainer with an exceptional degree of subject matter expertise in his field. Focused, concise, and with the aim to teach us the benefits of Scrum." -

Claudio Souza Mattos, Project Manager, Siemens

"Great training. I would definitely recommend it to others" -

Dharinidevi, Infosys


Very interactive and it has exceeded my expectations of learning about Scrum" 

Jesmin Rahman, APSIS Solutions

Informative, interactive and fun to participate.

Vitor Wurtzel, Senior Product Manager

Very interactive and engaging class. Material presentation is both fun and the time goes by fast! (For Anil: I would recommend we get an attachment or posted instructions on the requirements for the breakouts so we can have that as a reference to keep us on track)

SS, Vice President

The instructor teaches topics and reinforces teachings with group activities and worksheets.  Most of all, for those seeking certifications, the Instructor highlights key areas that are important to remember for the exam, as well as, providing a mock exam for the CSM.


Maxwell Anane

clear and concise, easy to understand the content , lots of activities to explain concepts clearly

Ademola Olatunji, Project Manager


The class is good and informative. I'm glad it wasn't a PowerPoint class.